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Layout Challenge

Layout Challenge

About Project

Corner windows in the living room, a tiny dining area and the lack of built-in focal points could have made it hard for buyers to see what a livable space this really is. Here’s how we highlighted this little jewel’s good points and made those potential flaws disappear.

Thanks to an abundance of natural light, a dark grey feature wall was a viable way to add some drama to the living room. A large mirror and beautifully styled etagere draw the eye away from the windows, making the room’s proportions feel more generous.

Seating is arranged comfortably to take advantage of the great view without giving the windows too much emphasis. Light-coloured furniture and a large white media cabinet keep the space feeling open, while rich accent colours and faux furs add a touch of luxury.

We added a writing desk and pretty chair to show there’s plenty of room for the business of living, and dressed the dining area in white to open up the space even more.

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