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Full Service Interior Design


Love your current home but ready for a new look?

If you love the home you’re in but are ready for a new look, perhaps for a new stage of life, you may want to consider working with our Interior Designer, Craig Hebert.

No matter whether you’re at a loss for where to start or have tons of ideas but need help pulling them together, an experienced designer has the tools to assess your home and offer great advice on how to improve it. He’ll answer all your questions about wall coverings, finishes, fabrics, accessories and more so you don’t risk making choices that don’t ‘work’ together.

He’ll create a detailed plan within your budget and a timeline for getting the work done, manage contractors and co-ordinate orders and deliveries and even do a complete setup when everything is ready.

Craig has more than 30 years’ experience bringing homeowners’ dreams to life and can help transform your home inside and out.

If you’ve never worked with an Interior Designer before, you may be surprised to learn just how much money, time and frustration a good designer can save you!

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  • An Interior Designer can help you identify and create your unique, coordinated style.
  • A designer's trained eye will see both problems and opportunities that you probably won't notice.
  • A designer uses your ideas and tastes to create a beautiful home.
  • Interior Designers know how to make the best use of space.
  • Your designer knows where to get the best art, accessories, fabrics and furniture for the best value.
  • Your designer has access to "trade only" products that you wouldn't be able to buy.
  • Your designer will save you from those expensive mistakes that just don't work out.
  • Your designer can find things you've never seen, or get them custom made for you.
  • Your designer knows how to plan and coordinate project tasks for a smooth completion with less stress on you.
  • Your designer can pre-shop to find items that fit your taste and budget.
  • A designer can help you edit your home so everything matches your new look.
  • Your designer will look after ordering, delivery and return of new items as needed.
  • Your designer will arrange your new and existing items to create your dream-home look!



Sharing ideas and talking possibilities

At this first meeting, you and your designer will discuss your ideas and wishes for transforming your home. He will help you identify your design style if needed and you’ll be able to get all your questions answered with professional advice to help shape your new look. Together, you’ll establish a timeline and budget framework for getting the work done. You’ll also be discussing colours, textiles, furniture and window treatments.

Red Truck Home Staging Port Alberni BC

One of the most exciting parts of this stage is that we’ll stretch your imagination by showing you ideas, design options, furnishings and decor that you’d never think of on your own.

There will be a fee for this Design Consultation. If you decide to work with us you will be asked for a retainer (deposit) in advance of the many hours we will spend putting your dream together. We will agree on milestones and a schedule for future payments as your project progress.


Getting specific about what you want done

In the planning stage, we will be meeting and/or communicating frequently to establish the specifics of your redesign project. We’ll examine the physical layout of your home to ensure that any changes you want to make work well with what is already there. We’ll talk in detail about how you use (or want to use) your space, any major appliances or electronics you want to add, which flooring and tile you want, and much more.

Red Truck Home Staging Port Alberni BC

Once we’ve narrowed down your design elements, we’ll present you with  two ‘design boards’  – coordinated sets of the kinds of paint chips, flooring, carpet, fabric and tile samples, with images of furniture and fixtures. The purpose is to let you feel and see how the elements you’ve chosen will work together.

At the end of this step, we’ll both be completely clear on exactly what will be done to create your ‘new’ home.


Your project is in motion!

Here’s where the rubber hits the road! You’ve made final decisions on renovations, furniture and everything else will need to bring your vision to life. Now we’ll arrange for quotes and proposals for renovations, and the order furniture, electronics, fixtures and everything else needed for your redesign.

After all the excitement of dreaming and planning, this stage of your project may feel like ‘hurry up and wait’. Timelines can only be estimates at this stage as contractors and vendors have to work your needs into their existing schedules, as do their suppliers.

Red Truck Home Staging Port Alberni BC

Custom or bespoke furnishings, draperies or cabinets take time to create, and unexpected natural or human events can cause further delays.

This is the time to have faith in the process, trust your designer and keep your eyes on the future home you’ve envisioned.


Where the magic happens

You’ll turn your home over to us so our team can focus on installing and arranging all your beautiful new and cherished old possessions. When the transformation is complete, you’ll get to come home to the place you’ve imagined and waited for!

You’ll need to plan for this day in advance so any furniture you’re letting go of has a place to go. (We can help with that.) You’ll probably also want to have your home deep-cleaned before the big day so that all your beautiful things have a sparkling home in which to shine.

And you’ll need to treat yourself to a nice day out while we work our magic!

Red Truck Home Staging Port Alberni BC

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