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Have you noticed that top developers ALWAYS have a fully furnished model home to show, often before the construction project is even completed?

That’s because they know that people on the hunt for a new home are notoriously bad at visualizing possibilities, especially in odd-shaped spaces. Yes, there are some who can imagine how a space might be used or how their stuff will look in an empty home, but the vast majority (90%) can only see what is there, not what could be there.

If you’ve already moved to a new home, you may think it’s more cost effective to leave your home vacant, but that would be a big mistake. Here’s why:

Red Truck Home Staging Port Alberni BC


  • Almost all buyers start their search for a home online. There's nothing enticing about pictures of empty rooms.
  • Vacant homes take FOUR TIMES longer to sell than professionally staged homes.
  • A professionally staged home will attract more showings and better offers than a vacant one.
  • Empty homes feel cold and lifeless and can't evoke the emotional connection buyers need before they will buy.
  • Instead of focusing on the great features of a vacant home, buyers will notice every little flaw.
  • Empty rooms always look much smaller than really they are because there’s no furniture to lend a sense of scale.
  • Buyers have trouble envisioning how their furniture will work in rooms with unusual layouts or shapes.
  • Buyers only take about 15 seconds to make a decision about your home. An empty home offers no reasons to stay.
  • A vacant home suggests you just might be desperate to sell.
  • Staging typically returns about 300% of its cost, increasing both selling price and speed of the sale.

It’s not necessary to stage every room in a home. The most important areas to stage are the living room, dining area and kitchen, and master bedroom. If your budget can extend to staging the outdoor living areas, that’s even better.

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